Customer Relationship Management

Maintaining a good relationship with the customer is the key to any business. As the name implies, Transcount has this built-in feature to manage your customers with ease. Customer management is not just about organizing contacts, it is all about managing the contacts and leveraging these contacts according to your business offerings to maximize your profits. It is increasingly important to keep track of your customers and the changing needs of the customers. Businesses tend to lose 50 % of their customers in a span of five years for not meeting changing customer requirements. Keeping track and managing multiple contacts of customers and carriers can be a tedious job.

A CRM solution for small businesses opens up greater opportunities to tap the untapped business opportunities. Now businesses need to expertly manage prospects and take care of existing customers, using a CRM with the best features supporting your business model is an essential part of business strategy.

Customer Relationship Management

The Transcount CRM in-built tool will help you to efficiently manage your customers and carrier contacts. Having said that, there isn’t much you can do with the system if you do not have any contacts, customers, and carriers. The system will allow you to save contacts in multiple groups efficiently engage and manage contacts. The plus feature is to have a temporary contact that can later be assigned as a customer or a carrier.

Transcount CRM has the highest level of capabilities to support sales staff throughout the entire sales cycle, from opportunity, quote management, communications, business tracking activities until the shipment completion which in turn will boost the business by providing excellent customer services and support. The in-built CRM application is completely dedicated to improving logistics sales processes and results. The module was developed based on the requests and feedback from Freight forwards and we keep on refining the module to make it easier and to add value to your business.

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