It is important to realize that most of the small business owners think that they need to have a website just because their competitors have one. If you’re a Small Business owner and looking for website development then you need to know the importance of web presence. Most small and medium-size businesses fail to realize that they can use this powerful website to increase their sales directly or indirectly. Your website is not just an online brochure, it is a powerful tool to connect with your targeted audience and increase the number of sales. It is not all about having a funky or cool website, it is about good looking, user-friendly and result oriented.


Transcount provides a free microsite discretely made for your business. A microsite is a webpage or a small cluster of web pages that function as a discrete entity within an existing website. The main landing page of the microsite can have its own domain name or subdomain. A cool CMS webpage for your business at no additional onetime cost and zero maintenance needed. CMS webpage, a content management system that allows users to control and manage the content within the webpage without any technical training. However, at any point, the webpage can be enabled and disabled. In order to manage your micro-website, Transcount provides you a administer dashboard through which the content can be easily edited and managed. The dashboard provides seven tabs namely, main page, header, services, about us, clientele, counters, and contact us information.

What you get inside and how does it work? The main feature includes the following:

  • Upload your company logo, update the theme color options, manage microsite blocks.
  • Add header title, description, and choose from the preloaded high definition transport-related images.
  • Add service gigs for the customer to see the list of services provided, you can add up to 3 services.
  • Let people know about you, the about us page provides 2 blocks to update about the business with preloaded high definition professional images.
  • Update client logos and provide clients with web addresses as a logo link. A maximum of 8 client’s logotypes can be updated.
  • Provide counter details with preloaded images, a maximum of 4 counter details can be updated.
  • Share your contact details, the contact us page provides you to update up to 3 locations and enables you to update the location using a map marker or simply update the map coordinates.

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