Quoting and Booking Tool

Transcount, a powerful SaaS tool thoughtfully designed for Freight Forwarders, that has everything in one place for you and your customer needs. Increase your request for quote productivity by developing professional quotes in less than a minute. The quoting and booking feature help freight forwarders save operational cost and time and minimize error when they do quotes, bookings and calculations.

Quoting and Booking Tool

Creating an inquiry

It all begins with creating an inquiry by providing customer details, selecting quote currency, pick up & delivery details, pricing segments, and transportation type & method. Once you have all the required details in place, you can request for rates from Carriers. The user can select multiple pre-added suppliers or enter up to 50 email recipients, preview the rate request and send it to your recipients.

Rate Request

All the selected carriers and email recipients receive an auto-generated email with a link to place their bid on the rate request. Once the carrier user clicks on the link, the pre-added supplier details will be auto-filled while the email recipients will have to manually enter the details, which will be saved in the contact list. The carrier users are provided with three options, to place a bid on the rate request, to view shipment-related documents, and provide an option to ask any related questions. The tool is designed in such a way that you can create or assign shipment at any moment and send an offer to the customer. Additionally, it allows you to upload/download all shipment-related documents and answer shipment-related questions.

Sending Quotation

Under the Bids Received tab, the user will be able to view all the bids placed by carriers. It’s now time to accept the best-valued bid and with just a click, transform the bid into a quotation or create a manual quote and send it to your customer. The customer will receive an auto-generated email with a link to view the quotation and will be able to view the shipment details, quotation, and other related details with an option to Accept or Reject the offer.

The View

Keeping Information security in mind, the tool is designed to see only what is required for you, the customer, and the Carrier. Both customers and carriers, cannot view any sensitive information.

Freight Forwarder

For each inquiry, the user will be able to view all rate requests, received bids, quotations, Q & A, and shipment-related documents. Additionally, the tool provides complete details of the shipment, including statistics of the email recipients and the bids along with the highest, lowest and average bids.

Customer and Carrier

The customers can view the shipment documents, basic shipment details along with quotation and an option to ask any questions while the Carriers have the option to place a bid, view shipment related documents, and ask any questions.


The process appears to be so simple! If the customer accepts the rate offer, the user is notified and now the inquiry can be transformed into a new shipment with just one click and the inquiry is archived and assigned to new shipment activities.


Once the quote has been accepted by the customer, it’s now time to book the carrier and complete the shipment request. Get Rewarded!

Presentation of the tool

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