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Transcount is cloud based freight management and logistics uberization software for micro, small and medium sized freight forwarders. Combined with the features of freight management, exchange and professional networking is capable of boosting micro, small and medium sized freight forwarder growth.

our funding and development goals



Concept development in c/o Transbank


MVP development


ALPHA development and testing


Release and first customers

2016 january

First subscriptions

2016 june

Legal setup Transcount Limited (UK)

2016 december

Development company setup Transcount LT UAB (Lithuania)

2017 february

1st development phase

2017 march

Russian and Spanish languages introduced

2017 april

SSL certificate added

2017 may

Acquired online freight exchange platform with 13000 registered freight forwarders

2018 april

Seed round

2018 june

Starting 2nd development phase: new framework, extended functionality, 3rd party access

2018 july

Starting iOS & Android platform development

2018 august

Finishing 2nd development phase and introducing new release

2018 september

Starting 3rd development phase

2018 october

EDI/XML/TAX integration

2018 november

Adding Arabic, Chinese, French languages and introducing iOS & Android platforms

2018 december

Investment Round A - $25MN

2019 january

Introducing 3rd phase

2019 february

Implementing decentralized payment options

2019 march

Adding transcoin as main payment gateway

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$ 75,000

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$ 500,000

soft cap

$ 2,000,000

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